Risk Management and Safety
Risk Management and Safety

Documents and Forms

Classroom Safety Signs
1. School Evacuation Map - Given out at the beginning of the year
4. Magnetic Checkmark - Located on entryway door frame
5. Room Intercom Numbers and Voice Mail Extensions - Given out during Preplanning / PLC

Classroom Safety Materials
Two Safety Documents Near or on the Teacher's Desk
7. Teacher Emergency Action Checklist (TEAC Edition 3 08/13) - Green Flip Chart
8. Codes to Remember (Updated 8/24/09) - Half Page Yellow Document

School Safety Materials
9. Emergency To Go Kit (Red Duffel Bag) - *Only Selected Classrooms

End of Year Procedures Safety Signs and Materials
1.  Classroom Safety Signs (1-6) - Place in the Teacher's Desk
2.  Classroom Safety Materials (7-8) - Place in the Teacher's Desk
3.  School Safety Materials (9) - Store on Classroom Shelf where it is easily seen and accessible.

SDHC Safety
Essential Rules of Fire Prevention Program - Chapter 2.5 20

Electrical Safety - Chapter 8.5 1, 8.5 2

Rules for Employees - Chapter 12

Personal Applicances - Letter from Manager of Safety & Risk Management Programs

Personal Appliances Request Form - Given out at the beginning of the year

Material Data Safey Sheets (MSDS) - Online / Poster

The School Board of Hillsborough County Bylaws & Policies